What agencies can participate in the SuperBowl Badge program?

Any agency that supports Super Bowl LVIII is eligible to participate. Agencies interested in participating in the badge program should APPLY HERE. The NFL will review all applications to determine eligibility.

What badge styles are available?

For Super Bowl LVIII, a selection of badge designs have been developed and approved by the NFL. The designs are inspired by badge models popular in the region. The lettering can be customized for any participating agency.

Who pays for the badges? Will my agency need to allocate funds in order to participate?

Super Bowl badges are typically purchased by officers and authorized personnel using personal funds (credit card or debit card). No government funds are required to participate.

When can we place orders?

Orders will be accepted starting August 1, 2023. Once your agency is approved, you’ll receive a link that you can circulate within your agency. Individuals can follow the link to order badges using personal funds (credit card or debit card). Orders placed before November 15 will be delivered before the Super Bowl. After November 15, orders will continue to be accepted but they may be delivered AFTER Super Bowl Sunday. The program will close on February 28, 2024, and no additional orders will be accepted.

When will we receive our badges?

Orders placed before October 16, 2023 will be delivered in by December 25, 2023.

Orders placed before November 15, 2023 will be delivered before Super Bowl week.

Orders placed after November 15, 2023, will be delivered AFTER the Super Bowl.

How will our badges be shipped & distributed?

For security reasons, all badges will ship to a specific Point of Contact for your agency. This person is responsible for distributing the badges within the agency. Typically the point of contact is a quartermaster or administrator, and it may be different from the person who sets up the program.

When your order is available for pickup, you’ll get an email from us with pickup instructions including the contact information for your agency’s Point of Contact.

How much do Super Bowl badges cost?

For information about pricing, please contact us using the form below. For departments that sign up prior to September 30, a discounted pre-order period will be available.